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NeuroSOLUTIONS can help you improve your sales and sports performance.

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The sports psychologist for the United States Olympic team has stated that 80% of any sport is mental. Using hypnosis for sports performance gives the athlete a direct connection to his subconscious mind. Utilizing creative visualization techniques, the player can improve his performance from the technical side as well as changing his attitude and eliminating fear of failure, often called "choking". Golfers, tennis players and Olympic athletes have all used hypnosis to improve their scores.

Sales Performance

Motivation, procrastination and overcoming rejection are all helped through hypnosis, nlp and business coaching. Limiting beliefs can be changed or removed allowing the client to move beyond their perceived limitations to true success.

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"The last session has made a lot of difference - I'm sure it's the combination of both sessions. For the first time in my life I see an endless future ahead of me. I used to feel when I have been moving forward that I was going to run into something to stop me. Now I see a wide endless road ahead (in front) of me with no limits. This is a major shift and has changed my whole perception - I just can't begin to tell you how things have shifted. Thank you so much. I will be calling you again. Your work is very powerful."
RU, Atlanta
I have been an executive recruiter for seventeen years. When I met Inga Chamberlain I was burned out. I was surviving but not enjoying work or making the income I should. Inga helped me change my self-talk from negative to positive. We worked on improving my prospecting skills, and my attitude and income improved drastically. I feel more in control and enthusiastic. Thanks for your help!
Owner, Key People