NeuroSolutions Newsletter ~ Summer 2008


Salespeople are my favorite clients. Not only are they generally personable and empathetic, but the best ones are also constantly working to improve themselves. What other career gives you the ability to make an income directly commensurate to your skills and abilities?? As with any other aspect of business or life, what goes up will generally come down. So it is in the art of selling.


Inga Chamberlain

Inga Chamberlain has helped thousands of people transform their lives by uncovering the skills and abilities that lie deep within us all.
Inga is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner NLP, coach, speaker and author. Her book "The Power of Choice" will be released late in 2009
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Building a Dynamite Sales Team

In order to train a sales pro or team there are several key psychological aspects to consider. The very personality traits that make a great sales person are the same ones that can bring them down and put them into a major slump.

It is vitally important for the sales professional to have a strong level of EQ or Emotional Intelligence. As Daniel Goleman points out in his book "Emotional Intelligence" the EQ is usually more important than IQ when determining how successful someone will be in life and business. EQ training is helpful in 3 ways.

1. Becoming conscious of negative emotional states.
2. Getting control over unhelpful emotions and increasing emotional resilience.
3. Recognizing others' emotional states in order to improve communication and build relationships.

A positive mental attitude for the sales professional can make all the difference between average performance and someone who breaks all the records. The best and fastest way to change your emotional intelligence is by connecting to the subconscious. The subconscious mind is the seat of the emotions and that's where great selling comes from, but it's also where fears reside. Fears of failure, rejection and the inability to present to a group are crippling to the sales person. The best sales people are the ones who are working on themselves through focused visualization, positive goal setting and finding ways to alleviate fears/emotional blocks and build unstoppable self confidence.

A sales training that only includes sales techniques falls well below the mark. By including EQ training and self improvement techniques you can build not only a dynamite sales team but a happy, well adjusted peak performing sales person as well.

I utilize NLP, coaching and hypnotic's to help my sales clients overcome fears and develop high levels of EQ. To find out more about a sales performance package call Inga at 770-560-4861.