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Seminars are available for your next meeting.

Inga Chamberlain has spoken to many groups about the benefits of NeuroLinguistic Programming and hypnosis. Below are listed a few of the more popular sessions, or call her to find out how she can benefit your group's next meeting or conference.

The Mind Body Connection

In this exciting speech, Inga explains how your mind and body work together. She shares techniques to change negative self talk. How your mind affects the autonomic nervous system and what you can do to manage pain, increase energy, lose weight and create more joy and passion in your life.

Designing Your Future

In this full day workshop, Inga utilizes NLP, Time Line, Hypnosis and coaching. She works with each person to find their most inspiring goals. Then in a step by step process walks the group through techniques to clear limiting beliefs and decisions from the past and install the goals in their future.

Weight Loss Seminar

A two part seminar on the power of using hypnosis for permanent weight loss. In part 1, you will learn to discover your attitudes and beliefs about food and how to change them. What, when and how to eat. In part 2, motivation, exercise and emotional eating will be covered, with information on the best methods to achieve your goal weight. There will be two powerful hypnosis processes included in this seminar.

Seminars presented by ...
Salespiration Institute,
with Bob Crow and Inga Chamberlain

Getting the Edge

How to use mind power to develop rapport and sell with influence.

In this powerful half day seminar you will learn:
Prospecting techniques to use in person or on the phone;
How to overcome the different forms of call reluctance;
Ways to pump up your attitude!;
How to build instant rapport with your prospect;
What words to use that bring about action;
The best cold calling techniques;
Learn how to determine the different types of buying styles.

No Limits ...

Closing the Deal, Getting the Business!

Overcoming fear of rejection.
Power negotiating.
How to close through the whole sales process.
Using each customerís unique buying style to close.
Which phrases determine a winning close.
How to lead your prospect beyond objections.
Getting repeat business and referrals.

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Speeches and Seminars
I have been an executive recruiter for seventeen years. When I met Inga Chamberlain I was burned out. I was surviving but not enjoying work or making the income I should. Inga helped me change my self-talk from negative to positive. We worked on improving my prospecting skills, and my attitude and income improved drastically. I feel more in control and enthusiastic. Thanks for your help!
Owner, Key People