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  • The Do's and Don'ts of Healthy Weight Loss

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    A large part of my practice are weight loss clients. People that want to lose weight are well intentioned and really want to be healthier. Often times they have incredible levels of success in other areas of their lives and yet are unable to lose weight.

    The problem usually lies in the emotions. They are using food as a method of coping and have developed habitual ways of eating to deal with stress, boredom and uncomfortable emotions.

    Another issue I see with most of my clients is that their metabolism has slowed due to age, hormones, constant dieting, stress and lack of exercise. Obviously, if your body burns calories at a slower then normal rate, it makes it that much harder for you to lose weight.

    In this newsletter we will discuss the doís and doníts of healthy weight loss and some of the ways to jump-start your metabolism to create healthy weight loss.

    Inga Chamberlain

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Healthy Weight Loss
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    Inga Chamberlain, M.H., CCHT, is a hypnotherapist and NLP coach with over 15 years experience.
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    Losing weight and keeping if off is not about dieting. The average diet lasts 72 hours. That's because no one can eat that way long term. Most people who stay on a restrictive diet don't follow the plan anyway.

    What works best is healthy eating in moderate amounts along with exercise and a stress reduction plan. But that sounds pretty boring, doesn't it? Most people seem to want something that will make them lose weight fast!! Unfortunately, when you lose weight fast it is almost impossible to keep it off for any length of time.

    Some major stumbling blocks to healthy weight loss are:

    • Impatience - everybody wants a "quick fix", unfortunately if you take it off fast it comes back even faster.
    • The "all or nothing" attitude - this is where you go off the "diet" and eat something that you consider bad, then you rationalize that now that you're off your plan anyway, why not just eat that piece of fudge, and that pizza.
    • Negative self talk- Saying things to yourself like, "what's the use", "I'm never going to be thin anyway", "I'm disgusting", are all indicators of issues that need to change along with the way you feel about your body.
    • Wedding syndrome - using a special event to motivate yourself and then feeling so deprived that you pack most of the weight back on before the honeymoon is over.
    • The idea that once the weight is gone you can eat anything you want and keep the weight off.
    • Not sleeping at least 7 hours per night - Obesity is directly correlated to lack of sleep.
    • Too much stress - Cortisol in the bloodstream in higher then normal amounts leads to the body holding on to fat and creates the desire to eat more.

    I have found that to lose weight and keep it off one must:

      • Eat a variety of foods including lean protein, vegetables, complex carbs and fruits.
      • Exercise needs to become a way of life. Walking the dog is good, but (if he's a sniffer) it is not necessarily exercise.
      • Change the way you think about food.
      • Change your attitude about yourself.
      • Do some yoga or find another way to reduce stress.
      • Create long term change with behavior modification/hypnosis. This combination, in several recent clinical studies, has been proven to double the number of pounds lost. The study group using this combination also kept the weight off.
      • Hang out with thin people and develop some of their habits.
      • Develop a healthy body image- if you hate your body why should you treat it right?

    Jump Start your Metabolism

    There are many ways in which our mind and our bodies get stuck in patterns. Our bodies have something called a metabolic set point. This is the level of body fat that your body is preprogrammed to maintain. Everyone has a set point and in order to go below your set point exercise is needed. I have seen dozens of clients push past their set point by upping their activity level.

    In a recent study done with women, they had two groups of women: both cycled three times a week. One rode for 40 minutes at a steady pace and the other group did 20 minutes, alternating 8 seconds of sprinting with 12 seconds of light pedaling. After 15 weeks they found that the sprinters lost three times the body fat of the others - including core fat.

    I work with my clients using a variety of techniques to create improved performance. I train them in NLP techniques while utilizing NLP and hypnosis to improve sales performance and release fears in the following areas:

    Marathoners have been doing a variation of this by walking and then inserting short intervals of jogging or running. This is a great way to increase your level of activity without over working your joints or hurting yourself.

    Exercise is key to resetting your metabolism and losing weight. Exercise has also been shown to be the best thing you can do to increase length and quality of life. So get out there and move!!!

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